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Company Profile

racking2Initially Truck Dismantlers Ireland concentrated solely on parts by Scania, but now the company has diversified and dismantles all makes and models of trucks. The decision to develop into the other models of trucks materialised from a mixture of customer demand and strategic thinking. According to Adrian McElvaney, MD, McElvaney Motors, “Although the company is genuinely going from strength-to-strength at the moment, concentrating solely on Scania parts may be somewhat myopic. Currently the company has the facilities to dismantle any make or model of truck -the market is changing for example, rising costs within the haulage industry has increased the demand for second-hand parts”.

Truck Dismantlers

Currently, trucks are dismantled at a rate of one per day
on a “de-assembly” line and practically every component can be reused. Due to rapid expansion, the company needed to adopt a much more rationalised approach to the storage and handling of the large volume and varying sizes of components dealt with. A complete new racking system has been installed which allows speedier retrieval of parts and ultimately an improved customer service! If you are looking for a second-hand part or would like to purchase in bulk, please contact us on Tel: +353 (0) 47 81596

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