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Let the voting begin....!
Some FANTASTIC pics for the McElvaney Motors Calendar 2019! Thanks to all of those who submitted photos!

As you know, we are ‘handing over’ 3 months of our calendar to photos that have been submitted for the competition! This is your chance to vote for the trucks that you would like to see included. The 12 photos with the most votes will appear on our 2019 Calendar! Which are your favourites?

HOW TO VOTE… please read, as if votes aren’t cast as per guidelines below they WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

1. ‘A Like is a Vote’ Simply click like on the photo of the truck(s) that you would like to see on the calendar

2. You can vote for as many trucks as you like and are welcome to get your friends to help with the voting!

3. You can send us a direct message with your vote quoting the number on the photo(s)

4. OR you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your vote quoting the number on the photo(s)

VOTES ON SHARED POSTS CANNOT BE COUNTED, so tag your friends in the comments on the photo you want to win and get them to like the photo. Just make sure your friends are liking their favourite pic on our page, not on a share.

Voting closes at 1pm on Monday 15th October! #McElvaneyMotorsCalendar2019 #CalendarCompetition #McElvaneyMotors #Scania #YouDecide #LetTheVotingBegin